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About Andrew Watkin?

I am Andrew Watkin, a practicing Chartered Accountant, and I represent Assynt Corporate Finance Limited.

First of all, why should you use my services?

I am here to help you make several times your annual profits in one go therefore I help you maximise the value of your business. Above all I want you to realise that value and to move onto the next stage of your life.

Being tenacious is really important in making deals happen as a result I am here to help and to support you, the business owner.

I find the work challenging and it stretches me, therefore making it more interesting.

I once asked a client: “Why use me?” He replied:

“I’ve only got one realistic go at this sale to get the best price. I cannot afford to get it wrong that is why I used an adviser such as you who specialises in selling businesses”

I believe that as a business owner you work hard over long periods of time and you deserve to receive something when you leave.

It’s fundamental to my beliefs that business owners should receive the best deal and that after it has been completed I can look then in the eye and ask:

“Is this the best deal we could have done?”

Furthermore, what is it that I do to keep you happy?

Put simply, I start with the end in mind.

I can really only add value to the service I bring to you when you have decided to leave your business.

I like to talk to you about the future…

… a future of what retirement will look like so as to give us an objective to work towards and then decide how we are going to get there.

It starts with what some people call the “magic” number and that’s the sum of money you want (or need) to realise from the sale of your business.

The two key questions are:

1. What are my income needs after I leave the business; and
2. What are my current income generating assets?

The answers here will determine how we go about planning for your succession; looking at the sale options available to you. There are usually choices and we need to review these and decide what to do and how to do it.

To help here, I take on a lead advisory approach combined with preparing the business and yourself for the succession.

I use a transparent and coherent process which will enable us to look at the real value of your business to a purchaser and identify who it might be “sold” to.

Finally, how do I build Trust with you?

Above all, I believe I am in a privileged position by helping ambitious business owners create plans designed to enable them to prepare for and achieve the succession of their business.

They trust me with a lot of money, indeed it might be their entire fund in my keeping.

Once you have decided succession is necessary, I need to understand you as a person, what you want to achieve so as to be in the best possible position to create the right deal for you so you can move onto the next stage of your life.

I do not ask for a retainer or fixed term fees.

I do not attempt to be all things to all people. As a result, if I need help such as on your commercial and employee contracts, computers and IT, marketing and selling then I bring in people I trust. A brain surgeon will not be distracted from their core professional competency and neither do I.

I’ll be honest; only acting for those clients where I believe I can add value. I’ll seek to protect your integrity and avoid antagonism in the sale process.

I’ll look at the whole deal with you and not just the price.

So, that’s the why, what and how of me and Assynt. I am sure a chat with you over a coffee sometime would help you on your way. Alternatively have a glance at my LinkedIn Profile where you will find more about me. I can be contacted on 07860 898452 or by email:

Thank you for reading this note.


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  • The Business & Technology Centre, Bessemer Drive,
    Stevenage, Hertfordshire
    SG1 2DX United Kingdom
    07860 898452
    Company Number 08414792 Incorporated in England & Wales

    Succession planning and selling businesses in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Middlesex.