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Who am I?

I am Andrew Watkin, a practicing Chartered Accountant, and I represent Assynt Corporate Finance Limited.

How will you benefit from knowing me?

For example, selling a business is largely a simple matter if you are ready and put the processes in place. I would not claim to sell your business. No, you know your business backwards and it’s you who will sell it.

Where I will help is in the detail. It is frequently said: “The devil is in the detail” If you want to maximise the price paid for your business then a team effort is required: You work on the business and I look after the technical, tax, deal structure and negotiations.

Generally, it is likely you will not receive the full amount of the consideration on completion. You are likely to stay on after completion and work with the new owner for a period and then receive the balance of the sale proceeds on a successful performance.

During negotiations for the sale it is important to safeguard your relationship with the buyer as you want to enjoy the hand-over period and at the end receive the balance of the consideration in full. So I can help relieve the possible tensions which may occur by being able to:

Protect your integrity – so as to avoid you being backed into a corner.

Argue the point – without putting your views in the firing line.

Protect you against antagonism – thus not souring relations between you and the buyer.

How do we maximise the value of your business?

The buyer will be able to recognise some of the drivers of value in your business and maybe choose to ignore some. I need to stop the buyer devaluing the business in such a way so as to achieve a lower price. My role is to equip you to be able to match those objections and obtain an acceptable offer.



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