How much is my business worth

We are often asked the question: How much is my business worth?

The simple answer is: What someone else will pay for it.

So why might you need a valuation?:

You are thinking of selling your business and you need some idea of what someone would pay for it – that’s not the same as what you think it is worth

You  have already received an offer and want to know how fair it is

You are involved in a dispute either with an existing shareholder,  your spouse or someone else

You are involved in a management buy-out (MBO) or a management buy-in (MBI) and you want to find out whether the value discussed is fair

You want a valuation for an Enterprise Management Scheme (EMI)

Your accountants have a conflict of interest.

Assynt Corporate Finance has undertaken several independent valuation of your business.

Through our membership of The Corporate Finance Network and our own experiences, we have resources and knowledge to support the valuation made.


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