Raising funds for a business

We can assist you with the raising of funds for a business. Through our membership of the Corporate Finance Network and our other contacts, we have a database of a panel of lenders who are not just high street banks.

We have raised funds under government incentives (e.g. The Small Firm Loan Guarantee Scheme).

Assynt Corporate Finance is  able to draw up forecasts in the form which you, the client, and the lenders will understand, showing by month:

  • Sensitivities of profits due to changes in VAT, volumes, selling price and costs
  • Sensitivities of cash flow to changes in profits, stock and work in progress, debtor and creditor levels
  • Monitoring against bank covenants

From the information Assynt Corporate Finance provide, you will therefore be able to appreciate the robustness of your plan or where the finances are weak, giving you a stronger position with the lender and being able to plan for taking surplus cash out of the business or for cash flow problems if they are predicted.

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