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Posted on August 26, 2015 by andrewwatkin in Finance

By Pitching to the experts, you can win up to £10,000 expert advice.


This essential business support package will help you to move forward in creating the successful business you are looking for. I am pleased to be amongst other experts who have offered their time, knowledge and support to review the winner’s business, help them with essential advice and pointers in areas that they know they are struggling and strengthening them in other areas to put themselves on the road to business success.

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How to enter:

How to enter? The best way to register for the support package of up to £10,000 of expert help and advice is by visiting the following web site: http://www.artisanfoodtrail.co.uk/pitch-to-the-experts.html

So, if you are looking to grow your business and need someone unconnected with the business to provide the finance to help you grow then what pointers can I give to help you when you pitch to the experts for the money if that is what you are looking for.

Can you see the wood for the trees?

Over the years I have looked at many business plans seeking to raise finance in some form or other.

Many of them have failed. Why? Not from the lack of time commitment by the entrepreneur, quite the opposite. The reasons? Poor research, lazy assumptions, knowledge gaps and unrealistic projections.

If a growing food business is looking to attract outside investors, be it the bank or individuals, then you, the entrepreneur, must see the wood for the trees. Most entrepreneurs tend to be so absorbed in setting up and running the business, they become blinkered.

The business needs to be investment ready and this is where we can help you by way of our offer of £10,000 of help and advice.

What will we do for you? It is not just talking about your product or services; it’s looking at the whole business from an independent view point. As you will see from my web site, the panel consists of members with several different skills, all of whom have been involved growing businesses and seeing their businesses grow.

For my part I will be looking specifically at the funding side looking to see you have a reasonable grasp of the financials and the business is able to demonstrate the right returns in the right timescales.

If I were an investor in your business, then I would ask myself at least these four questions:

  1. How much money do you want?
  2. What do you need it for?
  3. How much am I going to get back? and
  4. When will I get it back?

So have a look at the client briefings on my web site at http://www.assyntcf.co.uk/corporate-finance-briefings/ in particular:

Writing Effective Business Plans: http://www.assyntcf.co.uk/corporate-finance-briefings/writing-effective-business-plans/

The Mysteries of Margins: http://www.assyntcf.co.uk/corporate-finance-briefings/the-mysteries-of-margins-23-may-2013/

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