Assynt is a new generation of advisory chartered accountancy practice. It only provides corporate finance services to business owners.

What Assynt does?

The main part of the business is specialising in creating plans designed to enable business owners to prepare for and as a result achieve a succession for their business.

First of all Assynt will look at the options.

If a trade sale is considered to be an option, then Assynt provides business owners with a proactive marketing service which is designed to find a buyer by undertaking searches to find a potential buyer.

Likewise, if other options, such as passing onto family members or the managers are viable, then consequently Assynt can work with the owner to achieve these aims.

What problems does Assynt solve?

4 out of 5 businesses do not sell. 60,000 businesses are wound up each year. Assynt seeks to change that by increase profits and reducing the dependency upon the owner and so making the business more attractive to the buyer.

How is the service unique?


It’s not a numbers game; the service is project and not retainer based.

If I am unable to add value, then I will say so at the outset.

How is it done?

Any business owner who is serious about setting up a succession plan will be helped by using our lead advisory approach. The whole idea of these features is to create competition to drive and optimise the value and structure of the deal and so maximise the amount you receive for your business.

Objective for business owner:

The objective is to make the business as saleable as possible by increasing profit and reducing the dependency on the owner. We then decide how we do this.


Turnover at least £1m ideally;
Solvent; and
Willingness of the owner to consider seriously looking at the succession options.

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