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Assynt Corporate Finance – new generation of advisory chartered accountancy practice

Assynt Corporate Finance provides corporate finance services to business owners. It helps business owners to sell their business by concentrating on the areas that improve the value of the business and so attract an offer, making the process of selling as smooth as possible.

What problem does Assynt solve?

4 out of 5 businesses do not sell. 60,000 businesses are wound up each year.

Assynt seeks to change that by increase profits and reducing the dependency upon the owner and so making the business more attractive to the buyer.

How is the service unique?


It’s not a numbers game; the service is project and not retainer based.

If I am unable to add value, then I will say so at the outset.

How is it done?

Any business owner who is serious about setting up a succession plan will be helped by using our lead advisory approach. The whole idea of these features is to create competition to drive and optimise the value and structure of the deal and so maximise the amount you receive for your business.

Objective for business owners

The objective of Assynt Corporate Finance is to make the business as saleable as possible by increasing profit and reducing the dependency on the owner. We then decide how we do this.



I prefer to work with businesses whose sales are at least £1 million.


The business needs to have grown both sales and profits pre-Covid-19 and have assets greater than liabilities.


Business owners who have made the decision to move away from their business and onto the next stage of their lives.

If need help planning your succession, selling your business and meet these criteria call us: 07860 898452

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